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  • While Men Were Sleeping

    While Men Were Sleeping

    It was a normal slow evening in my parent’s house. We had our usual chit-chat during dinner and prayed together as a family. As if on cue, we then dragged our knackered bodies to bed. Before long, the house was still. Those who snored were slowly gaining momentum. Those who didn’t snore were turning restlessly […]

  • 5 Ways God Speaks to Me Through My Daughter

    5 Ways God Speaks to Me Through My Daughter

    My kids have completely overhauled my life. It looks like they took an eyeful of my life’s priorities and had a long belly laugh. They then made it their mission to sift through the list, weeding out the baggage and all vanity, leaving only the things that really matter. Thank you, babies. Besides that, I […]